Shavano Dams 
The Shavano Conservation District manages and maintains three PL566 Watershed Dams.  These earthen dams were created to protect thousands of acres of farmland from flooding.  Roatcap Wash, located in Olathe, was the site of the first of these dams to be constructed in 1964. Shavano Valley dams 1 and 2 were created some years later in 1993 and 1994, subsequent to a 50-year storm that occurred in 1982 and caused significant damage to agricultural lands.  These dams have been classified as high-hazard dams, which means that in the event of a significant flood, there is potential for the loss of human life. All three of these dams have been justified during numerous flood events.

Maintenance includes but is not limited to brush control, weed, and pest management. Chemical treatment for weeds has become increasingly costly as well as land leveling to control the erosion from seasonal flood events. The District currently utilizes general funds for maintenance of the dams. There are residential communities that have been built in and around these dams so that in the event of a significant flood, not only is farmland in jeopardy, but there is potential for the loss of human life.

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